Stunt driving, tax evasion, child abuse among allegations against foreign diplomats living in Canada – Politics

Foreign diplomats in Canada are racking up more unpaid debts, breaking more traffic laws, and violating passport rules more frequently, internal reports from Global Affairs Canada indicate.

The reasons for the general rise in misbehaviour over the last two years are not clear, though may be related to outreach programs and tip lines that make it easier to report problems.

Under the Access to Information Act, CBC News obtained a series of quarterly reports from the protocol office at Canada’s Global Affairs, covering a 27-month period from late 2014 to this spring.

Identities of the offenders and their embassies are carefully blacked out under privacy and international-affairs exemptions.

The Office of Protocol, part of Global Affairs Canada, intervenes when there are cases of alleged illegal behaviour by foreign diplomats posted to Ottawa. (Wikipedia)

The reports show…

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